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Project EQUITY

Chicago Association for Research and Education in Science

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Join our campaign to support the next generation of medical professionals touring through the VA by providing opportunities to present and publish their findings, network with experts in their field, and develop the evidence needed to advocate for better systems and overall outcomes for our Veterans.

More than 70% of physicians and osteopaths in the United States rotated through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) during their residencies, making the VA the largest provider of medical training in the United States.  VA training occurs at all medical levels: students, residents, and fellows as well as associated health trainees in nursing, pharmacy, dietetics, laboratory medicine, psychology, and blind rehabilitation.  Through affiliations with community hospitals and academic medical centers, the VA serves as a training site for all these clinical professionals – possibly to include your own doctors!

What’s missing during their year?
Funding to enhance -  education - quality improvement projects - training

The Chicago Association for Research and Education in Science (CARES) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation charged by Congress to advance the health and wellness of Veterans and family members served by its member institutions.  We are leading this campaign in support of medical professionals across the region. 

CARES supports the Research and Education enterprises at the following institutions, all a part of Veterans Integrated Service Network 12:
◊  Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital
◊  Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center
◊  Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
◊  William S. Middleton Memorial VA Hospital

You can donate to CARES through these three options:

1) Payment by check:
Chicago Association for Research and Education in Science
PO Box 250
Hines, IL 60141

2) Online donation through Zelle or Venmo using our email address: CARES@cares-research.org
(You may input your name and address in the message field for online donations.)

3) Contact CARES CEO Cindy M. Reutzel, MPA directly at 708-343-6379

Join us in this campaign to advance the learning of our medical professionals while they are in the VA – your support can make a lasting impact on the lives of our Veterans!