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CARES supports approved educational training, activities, and programs at each of our affiliated VA hospitals including patient and employee-related activities.

Patient-related activities include education activities for Veterans, Caregivers, and Community Partners that provide instruction or other learning experiences related to improving or maintaining the health of Veterans and those that love them.

Employee-related activities include programs designed to improve performance of current duties, assisting in maintaining or gaining certifications, specialized competencies and proficiencies, or expanding understanding of advances or changes in patient care, technology, or health care administration. 

Additionally, CARES funds can be used in support of VHA employees taking part in residency and other training programs designed to prepare an individual for an occupation or profession in health care. 

2021 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Office of Academic Affiliations and the VA. 

VA’s Education Mission

Did you know that one part of the VA‘s mission is “To educate for VA and the Nation”?  The VA has played a significant role in educating physicians in the United States with approximately 70% having received at least some of their training at the VA.   The training of more than 120,000 trainees annually is done in partnership with professional schools across the country and is facilitated by the VA’s Office of Academic Affiliations.  To learn more…


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