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Announcement of Hines VA-Serwa Research Center on Aging Research Awards

Originally funded by a generous donation from the Serwa family, these $50,000 awards are awarded to an investigative team and designed to create new inter-disciplinary research that addresses the health needs of aging Veterans.

Congratulations to the following teams who received the second round of the Serwa Center’s research award: 

Drs. Evan Stubbs (Hines VA) and Michael Zilliox (Loyola University--Chicago) for their study entitled: “Multi-ethnic transcriptomic analysis of primary open angle glaucoma.”

Their investigative team includes Co-Investigators: Charles Bouchard MD, MA (Loyola University--Chicago) and Meenakshi Chaku, MD (Hines VA).

This study will explore whether susceptibility genes for primary open angle glaucoma are uniquely expressed in different racial and ethnic groups. The long-term goal is to identify susceptibility genes to help identify reasons for racial and ethnic differences in prevalence of primary open angle glaucoma.

Dr. Amy Herrold (Hines VA) for her study entitled: “Feasibility of and preliminary effects of yoga on cognitive function and stress among aging Veterans with mild cognitive impairment and alcohol use disorder.”

Her research team includes Co-Investigators: Alma Ramic, MD (Hines VA), Sonia Bobra, MD (Hines VA), Rachael Ellison, PhD (Illinois Institute of Technology), Cameron Mackey, PhD, TSAC-F, USAW (Loyola University—Chicago; also a Veteran), and consultants Dulal Bhaumik, PhD (Hines VA), Anne Day, PhD (Hines VA), Lakshmi Athota, MD (Hines VA), Sree Katragadda, MD (Hines VA), and Matthew Sprong, PhD, CRC, LCPC, CLCP, CADC, CVE (Hines VA).

The goal of this study is to determine the feasibility of a unique yoga intervention specifically designed to improve brain function in aging Veterans with alcohol use disorder.

Dr. Muturi Muriuki (Hines VA) for his study entitled: “Development of a miniature electronic monitor to measure adherence to prescribed wear-time for diabetic foot orthoses.”

His research team includes Co-Investigators: Robert Harvey, MS (Hines VA), Avinash Patwardhan, PhD (Hines VA), and Rodney Stuck, DPM (Hines VA).

This study team will complete the development and validation of an attachable wear-time monitor system to improve compliance with removable cast walker boots to treat diabetic foot ulcers.

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