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Amy Herrold
Research Health Scientist

Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

5000 South 5th Avenue

Hines, IL 60141

Northwestern University
Research Assistant Professor

Amy Herrold

Degrees and Certificates


Primary Research Interests

Addiction Neuroscience, Alcohol Use Disorder, mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Secondary Research Interests

sports-related mild Traumatic Brain Injury, female-specific factors in sports-related mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Research Statement

Dr. Herrold is an addiction neuroscientist focused on developing neuroscience-informed treatments for co-occurring alcohol use disorder (AUD) and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Her overall hypothesis is that exacerbated brain dysfunction with the co-occurrence of AUD+mTBI leads to exacerbated behavioral dysfunction, such as elevated alcohol craving. Customizing neuromodulatory treatments to treat this brain dysfunction are warranted given the heterogeneity of these conditions. Dr. Herrold is the recipient of a Department of Veterans Affairs, Rehabilitation Research and Development, Career Development Award.



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